Or you could say I love you beaucoup. Old China hands will remember the word "chop or chop chop".

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Get your story told. Also, Speedy was the finest "cumshaw" man I always met, but that is another story. What accomplish you mean - you questioned him? Papasan is Japanese GI slang for older man, san meaning Mr. The S-5 had a number of Vietnamese workers on a enduring and daily hire basis. I heard Speedy about many times that something was ichi-ban - add up to one. The daily hires went out on effective parties with a Marine in-charge.

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After everything else night close to midnight I had to attempt take a piss - I went outside of my house and the Americans captured me. I said, "Hey Corporal he doesn't understand the dress up mamasan. He snapped en route for attention, all five feet of him and said, "Sir my name is John Henry Sir! Toi di nqoai nha va Toi bi My bat! There are probably erstwhile terms and words so as to were used, but escapo me right now. I looked at his capture tag and it said, "acting suspicious". He asked the first kid can you repeat that? his name was.

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