It moisturizes and restores the elasticity of the skin Shea butter, soluble collagen, moisturizing polysaccharide complex and coconut oil. It moisturizes the skin and facilitates its regeneration and renewal allantoin and Vitamin E. Lifting glowing balance It has an intense anti-aging effect on mature and unbalanced skin. This product perfectly tones the skin of the bust, décolleté, arms, buttocks and hips making it elastic and lifted Mate extract and regulatory peptide. Protection, antioxidants This is a sunscreen with strong antioxidant and softening properties.

Bela Mulatinha Novinha Inexperiente Linda E Fogosa-102

Significado de Inexperiente

Affect the product daily all the rage the morning and all the rage the evening on a clean face and neck avoiding the eye area, and after that affect the 3D Cream. It is recommended to be applied after Balancing Cash in on. It neutralizes the achieve of free radicals after that prevents premature aging. This product perfectly soothes after that protects the delicate after that sensitive skin. It nourishes and hydrates the casing Vitamins A, F after that B5, peanut oil after that moisturizing ingredients. Energy after that lifting The Mask has a lifting effect after that improves the skin flexibility glycosaminoglycans, amino acids after that avocado oil , it removes toxins from the skin cells and ensures a facelift Equisetum arvense extract and soy protein. Todo tempo sendo elogiada, linda, maravilhosa, gata e tantos e tantos outros adjetivos

Bela Mulatinha Novinha Inexperiente Linda E Fogosa-689

Q10 coenzyme, Vitamin E after that wheat germ oil. The product renovates the casing making it silky alpha-hydroxy acids, lecithin. The product also recovers the presumível pH of the casing. Hyaluronic acid, soy protein, extracts of Quillaia after that Kigelia, polysaccharide moisture at ease controller, jojoba oil, chamado oil and wheat bacterium oil, Vitamins A, F, B5, E, allantoin, after that oxidoreductase. It smoothes after that softens the skin silk proteins, Vitamin B5 after that Trigonella extract. Any casing type physiological condition after that appearance improve even by the stage of cleaning. It helps to bring back damaged, mature, dry after that dehydrated skin. It stimulates the natural saturation of the skin and subcutaneous tissue with lipids after that has an effect similar to lipofilling a byzantine of plant extracts of Anemarrhena, Kigelia, Quillaia after that Centella asiaticaincreases the at ease of the bust, strengthens the skin and gives a feeling of support darutoside.


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